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As a Doula I am here, at your service, to support you, emotionally and mentally during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum. 

Basically I am your cheerleader, reminding you of your power and magic. And that you are the boss of your body and birth.

Your pregnancy and birth should be an experience where your thinking, needs and wants are heard and valued. And you deserve a supporting team who is able to lift you and hold space for your feelings and thoughts, and making sure you have the space to connect to your inner voice and magic.

With your permission It will be an honour being on your team. 

You can choose between different services I can provide here.

Illustration: Mia Ohki

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Rebozzo & Akupressur
Visits before

2 hours of Coaching and inspiration for your personal choices and needs that will help you claim and be the boss of your birth.

Your birth your choice!

Sky is the limit!

1400 kr

2-3 hours with Rebozzo & pelvis balancing  and Akupressur massage including training you and your partner to use these tools.

These tools helps with relaxing and centering in your body. They also help with labour, pain etc. and again connecting your focus on yourself with your partner and the baby.

1700 kr

2 visits (1-2 hours) before birth to get to know you better and to give you any emotional support you need to get ready for the birth. In these Sessions you are the boss and can chose what you want and need to talk about.

I can support first and foremost by listening and guidance. But I also can provide different services you can chose form if you wish:

healing/ acupuncture/ rebozo or a guided meditation

900kr for every visit 

Visits after

2 visits (1-2 hours) after birth to check on you and make sure your your partner and baby are emotionally thriving. And the breastfeeding is going well.

You are still the boss and you can ask for any kind of support even washing your dishes or holding the baby while you shower or nap or what ever you need.

On my visits if you wish I can also provide services like:

Rebozo, healing, acupuncture  or a guided meditation

900kr for every visit 

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